Seven wonder always be magnificent place for us. This time I want to talk and share a little about experience so-called wonders of the world.
You've all surely know what is included into the seven wonders of the world?
Because the seven wonders of the world we have seen so many published through print media, or electronic, and for those who have forgotten.
I want to reminder again about that The important thing, Why Borobudur is no longer the seven wonder. What about the criteria of seven wonder? 

Criteria seven Wonder, I looked into this. Apparently, age has nothing to do with it, as it covers the entire span of human history. Instead they are judging based on structure quality, geographic dimension, artistic/cultural value, recognition and diversity...whatever the last two mean.
I want to know that the latest knowledge about the seven new wonders of the world, and Where the old magic? Maybe just art and culture. I myself do not understand.

Check this out, The New List of Seven Wonder :
1.  Golden Gate in San Fransisco

2.  Grand Canyon from South Western United States

3.  Great Wall in China

4.  Taj Mahal from India

5.  Colloseum in Roma

6.  Great Pyramid of Giza from Egypt

7.  Chichen Itza in the South of Yucatan Peninsula

Borobudur Temple Is not recognized as Seven wonder anymore.
You know the seven wonders of the world that the old edition, but already there setting seven new world wonders and the more pathetic that Candi Borobudur in Indonesia there is no longer exist, due to the earthquake that hit Indonesia and destroy the building of Borobudur Temple as a member of seven wonders world.
Seven Wonders of the world has been updated and the real miracle in this world so much that I myself confused to know what is included the seven wonders of the world. For more details you can visit the official website thoroughly explore the seven wonders of the world.

The last question from me..
how about this? is it enough criteria to be seven wonder?

Pulau komodo, the island between Sumbawa Island and Flores island. Indonesia.

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