Video: Bipedal Cycling Robot - Robot Rides Fixed-Gear Bicycle

Wow!!.. The robot get flexible movement! Look at this Video: Bipedal Cycling Robot - Robot Rides Fixed-Gear Bicycle.  In the International Robot Exhibition in this year showed, Masahiko Yamaguchi, a robot rather small - maybe about a foot high - traveling in a position, a fixed gear bicycle, like a 2011 version of the first Muppet Movie Scene wird! (and. Muppet Movie we have back this year), which is particularly impressive that the robot is capable of cycling as a human being - that moves and brakes just adorable by the force of his own body.

According to DigInfo, this is essentially an off-the-shelf robot, outfitted with a Tamagawa Seiki-made gyroscope to help the little guy keep his balance. A control board in his backpack processes the signals from the remote control, calculating how sharply the 'bot can turn the handlebars while maintaining its balance.

Bipedal Cycling Robot Can Balance by itself

It uses a fixed-gear bike not out of trendiness but for a more simple reason: the robot would have a tough time managing a freewheel, which allows the back wheel to spin even if the robot stops pedaling. Also, a fixed-gear allows the robot to brake simply by slowing or applying reverse pressure to the pedals. He stops the same way you and I do: by taking his feet off the pedals and balancing on his toes. Perhaps the world's most failsafe electric brakes are a bit too complex for this minimalist robot cyclist.

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